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  5. Official Representative of EPT CLEAN OIL Products in Iran

Official Representative of EPT CLEAN OIL Products in Iran

About SVR

Industry-leading solution for removing and preventing lubricant varnish

SVR is the first of its kind, engineered lubricant conditioning system, designed to protect and manage lubricant life and system reliability.

 Utilizing patented ICB purification filters, SVR goes beyond solid contamination removal, hyper-focused on the root cause of lubricant failure, dissolved oxidation material. As a result of managing oxidation material, lubricant breakdown and additive consumption decrease significantly, mitigating equipment related failure.

Maintain Lubricant Solvency

Common practices misunderstand lubricant varnish. It is seen as an oil quality issue. The truth is, all lubricants from dissolved breakdown products. If this is allowed to accumulate, the lubricants capacity to hold dissolved oil breakdown product is exceeded.

During normal turbine operation, EPT Clean Oil SVR Soluble Varnish Removal System, permanently removes and prevents the accumulation of dissolved breakdown products. This prevent harmful varnish deposits from ever forming.


SVR Features and Benefits

  • Quickly reduces and prevents servo valve sticking
  • Restore normal MPC varnish potential and acid number (TAN/AN)
  • Proven protection against solid and dissolved varnish
  • Significantly reduces solid contamination
  • Works all the time including operating conditions when varnish is dissolved in the oil
  • Eliminates the varnish formation cycle that typically occurs when the oil cools during turbine shut down
  • Engineer approved system designed to facilitate rapid approval and deployment
  • Very low maintenance and time requirement- turn it on and let it run
  • Low cost of ownership and operation

SVR Includes

  • Send sample of new and used oil to EPT`s advanced laboratory in Canada before installing the device for thorough analysis and even purifying of customer`s real sample by EPT.
  • ۲-year warranty on all parts

About ICB Filter

Industry leading lubricant filtration and purification technology with unmatched performance in motion demanding assets.

ICB Filters

ICB filters are manufactured with one goal in mind, to remove the dissolved oxidation molecules that accumulate and cause mechanical problems in bearings, seals and servo valves.

This technology based on the ion exchange process, which was invented by EPT for the first time in the world. These filters are manufactured best in class chemistry and material with precision robotic welding to provide the most robust and highest performing filter to customers in various industries.

 ICB Filter Features and Benefits

Industry leading ion exchange filters that offer unmatched performance in the removal of acids, varnish and dissolved oxidation molecules responsible for:

  • Slow or sticking servo valves and bearing deposits
  • Bearing failures
  • Other mechanical issues that would otherwise result in production losses
  • Removes the underlying causes of varnish and removes deposits by restoring fluid solubility, shifting chemical equilibrium back towards original fluid condition
  • ۱۰۰% effective under normal turbine operating condition when varnish is dissolved in the oil
  • Restores fluid`s electrical properties protecting mechanical components
  • Create stability within lubricant and fluid systems, mitigating premature deterioration
  • Complete stainless-steel construction featuring robotic, spiral welding which provides maximum filter integrity
  • Filter pressure tested to 150 psid
  • Compatible with EHC fluids and turbine lubricants

There is more to an ICB Filter than What Meets the Eye

  • ۱۰۰۰`s of global installations to date
  • Over 100 million hours of operating performance history on some of the largest power stations and motion-intensive applications worldwide
  • ۱۰۰ million in saving achieved by the energy

ICB Product Range

While originally developed for phosphate ester lubricants back in 1992, EPT Clean oil has expanded the capabilities of ICB filters to accommodate a wide range of lubricants and additive types.


Available in standard sized filter cartridge or as part of complete lubricant or fluid treatment system.