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Oil Filtration Equipment

The presence of oil soluble varnishes causes catastrophic damage to expensive industrial equipment such as turbines and compressors, and varnish removal methods from these equipment are available, although quite difficult.

These materials causes several mechanical issues in bearings, seals, and servo valves.

This can be accomplished with the help of EPT Clean Oil Canada, one of the world’s leading firms, and the ion exchange technology for industrial equipment.

The company was founded in Canada in 1992 with the discovery of the use of Ion exchange oil refining technology on Turbine oil, and now it`s products are exported to more than 40 countries.


SVR and ICB Ion exchange filters offered to customers, which are commonly utilized in the world`s largest powerhouse.

The ICB filters used in these machines are intended to remove Oxidation-based varnishes that are soluble in oil. This technique uses the Ion exchange process for the first time in the world, which is an EPT company innovation and invention.

These filters are made with the highest quality chemistry and materials, as well as robotic welding, to give consumers the best and most powerful filter for removing varnish from industrial equipment.

The successful case study of EPT CLEAN OIL to remove turbine oil varnish.

CB Iran is the only official representative of EPT CLEAN OIL Canada in Iran.