About CBIran

CBIran company was founded as a trading company by the Canadian company CB (with over 70 years of experience in distributing industrial products and related services in North America) and with the support of Butane Company in Iran. CBIran general policy and rules are based on the experiences and approaches of its founding company (CB). This company manages a business in Iran as subsidiary of Butane Industrial Group and partner of Abzarsara.

Strategic partner who are extremely powerful, professional structure and communication, representing well known industrial equipment brands, Extensive connection with the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment, A wide range of products and services that can be provided to a variety of industries, communication with numerous industries, along with competent and motivated human resources, have played a vital role to the company’s survival and development throughout the years.

The following are the company’s primary activities:

CBIran business and communication structure

Highly developed and multifaceted Organizational Structure

However, there is a wide range of products in the portfolio, as well as an expansion of industries, and at the same time the necessity of professional response to a variety of customer`s demands and expectations, has led CBIran to utilize one of the most advanced and up to date organizational structure.


Principle of Planning and Policy

It is extremely difficult, or perhaps impossible, to achieve sustainability and business development in condition that is rapidly changing. over the two decades of effective presence in various industries around the country, CBIran has been able to ensure its success and customer satisfaction through a comprehensive communication cycle.

The image below merely depicts this on CBIran.



The CBIran business basis and foundation

Values and Beliefs

Do and don’t are determined by values, which are premiere and more than anything else. These factors influence how decisions are made in different situations.

CBIran has based its behavioral paradigm on six values:

  • Respect, mutual trust and recognition
  • Continuous improvement
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Seeking and accepting facts
  • Teamwork and result orientation
  • Customer orientation and pursuit of win-win relationships


To supply continuous, reliable and appropriate products, services and spare parts to all industries countrywide.


To become a world class supplier of choice and reaching to top three level in supplying industrial and construction parts, products, equipment and related services  in Iran by the end of 2027.

Quality Management Policy

CBIran Company as a supplier of parts, tools, equipment, machinery, and services to the country’s industry and production, relying on human capital and utilizing up to date knowledge in order to satisfy demands and expectations of customers and other stakeholders, the quality management system has established a structure for its actions in accordance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard, and based on this approach the following principles are the basis its targeting, planning, and activities:

  • Customers expect timely and effective delivery of goods and services in order to preserve existing business.
  • To develop a product portfolio and improve market share, expand suppliers and customers.
  • Through continuous improvement of working methods and procedures, capacity building, and taking advantage of existing opportunities, business development and profitability growth can be achieved.
  • Increasing and institutionalizing technical and specialized knowledge at the organizational level in order to provide value to customers while maintaining a long-term competitive advantage

The CBIran persistence and prosperity are dependent on the consideration of the above principles in all processes and interactions, as well as the management of risks and opportunities associated them.


Strategic Partner

Abzarsara Company

As the official representative of Bosch German Electric tools, Abzarsara Company is one of the subsidiaries of Butan Industrial Group, which has 25 years of brilliant experience.

Abzarsara has evolved to become the largest and most recognized sales and after-sales service agency for industrial tools (BOSCH), Karcher, Oleu-Mak, Wera, Lantap, and other well-known Asian brands after 25 years of hard effort and experience.

Prior to the present time, the purpose of Abzarsara is creating prosperity and promoting Iranian goods.

The supply of safety, electrical, chemical and horticultural equipment under the ABZ brand is proof of this assertion.



Butane Company      

Butane was founded in 1943 by Mr. Mahmoud Khalili and his son Mohsen Khalili (who is the father of Iranian industry) to distribute liquefied natural gas. Then during the years 1956, 1959, 1964, 1966 the first gas stove, gas heater, standing water heater and LPG cylinder were all manufactured respectively.

Butane at a glance


in 1953  Butane Company is established.

in 1959 The country’s first wireless customer call center is established.

in 1988 The first gas wall water heater produced in Iran.

in 1993 The first wall-hung gas boiler produced in Iran.

in 1995 Upgrading the laboratory at the company to an Accreditation Laboratory

in 1996 to 1999 International certifications include, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, CE, and ISO 9001.

in 2008  Aluminum radiators are manufactured.

in 2008  Start an exporting water heater to Europe.

Dear Mr. Khalili, the legend of Iranian industry

In 2009, Butan Industrial Group succeeded in obtaining the signs of national sample export, the consumer rights, and was also selected as the national model unit in the standard and superior quality.

Official Representatives of well-known Brands of Industrial Equipment

CBIran company for the purpose of creating peace of mind to country`s craftsman and manufacturer, by gaining official representation from recognized industrial equipment brands, it supplies and offers its goods with high sensitivity from the best in the world of industry. The following are some of the agency licenses.

skf distributors

Bearing and Components from SKF - Sweden


Bearing and Components from MTK - Belgium


Constructional Fixings from Fischer - Germany


Production Line Tools from Bosch - Germany


Cutting and Abrasive Products from Wings - Turkey


Personal Safety Equipment (SIGMA Gloves) -Iran


Silicone, Sealant and Adhesives (ABZ) - Iran


Pneumatic Components and System from SMC - Japan


Professional Cleaning Equipment from Karcher - Germany