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Training and Transfer of Experience and Knowledge

It is obvious that knowledge is the most important aspect in every organization’s development and long-term viability. There are tough competitions between organizations in providing customer service. Those who are unable to retain and update their experience and knowledge will not only be able to compete, but will also lose their market position swiftly. As a result, holding specialist training classes and upgrading employees’ technical capabilities has become a necessity.

One of CB Iran Company’s key and permanent concerns is to increase all stakeholders’ and partners’ scientific, technical, and professional levels, as well as to maintain their applied expertise up to date.

As a result, the company has always been pioneer in holding various courses, technical seminars and specialized training workshops. These trainings and knowledge transfer have always been done to a high standard with the help of experts and specialists from reference companies.

Continuous training and specialized courses in bearings, applied and specialized courses in machine lubrication, and training courses in Fisher constructional fixing are just a few examples of transferring experience and technical knowledge of our specialists to our valued customers.

CB Iran Company with more than 15 years of experience in customer training is ready to design and transfer technical / specialized training courses in compliance with the conditions and demand of the country’s industries online or in- person.

cbiranTraining and transfer of experience and knowledge

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