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Support and After Sale Services

The country’s industries have always been concerned about obtaining goods from reputable sources that are authentic and guaranteed. CB Iran Company recognizes the significance of this issue and provides all of its parts, tools, and industrial equipment from trustworthy manufacturers, and guarantees its complete authenticity. As a result, customers can have   complete confidence in the operation of the purchased product, without having to worry about risks associated with utilizing non-original equipment. Furthermore, Abzarsara Company as a strategic partner of CB Iran , is only reputable and approved after-sales service representative for Bosch Tools and several other reputable brands in Iran. There will be an opportunity for the country’s industries to acquire all necessary repair services at their workshop.

We might mention the contract for repair and maintenance of production lines tools of Iran Khodro and Saipa as an example of these services provided by CB Iran to the country’s industries in recent years.

Another service offered by CB Iran  is specialized repairs of batteries and chargers for various brands of tools. CB Iran Company helps save costs and improve the effectiveness of rechargeable devices in many industries by providing standard and specialized services for fixing damaged batteries (including automotive industry) Despite all of the limitation on goods imports into Iran.

CBIRAN After-sales service and assistance

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