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Inspect Equipment and Maintenance Procedures

Possess a technical expertise and experience, awareness of the required standards, scientific and engineering foundations in various sections of the industry, along with the possibility of the presence of CB Iran experts at the customer’s site, has provided the ability to closely examine the industry’s demands and problems and offer specific and appropriate solutions to fix and maintenance each of them.

Furthermore, many parts, tools, and industrial equipment, such as production line tools, bearings, gearboxes, couplings, electric motors, and so on, require repair and maintenance at certain intervals and according to a comprehensive plan.

CB Iran Company, with experienced experts and instructions which are both standard and valid, Is prepared to provide the services required for the design and implementation of maintenance processes as well as the enhancement of part performance. These services will contain commodities that have already been purchased and are stored in esteemed customer`s warehouses.

cbiranInspection and maintenance procedures 

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