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(B2B) An introduction to Sales Organization

Organizational Sales in CBIran

Today’s world is characterized by rapid and remarkable changes in all aspects, and the commodities distribution system is regarded as a significant component of the country’s economic system. The current trade condition demonstrates globalization, as well as the presence and tight competition of numerous capacities with one another furthermore, in an economy with a high number of intermediaries between producers and customers, revenue streams from increased prices have transferred to intermediaries and It attracts useless activity, which is possibly the most important reason for the enormous volume of interactions between organizations. This is very important in today`s industry since it enables maximum efficiency while keeping costs down.

CBIran Company was founded by the Butan Group of Companies to provide specialized services and conditions for significant industries and industrial organizations to supply parts, machines, and industrial equipment to accomplish this important goal.

CBIran Company, with over twenty years of brilliant history of cooperation with various industries in the country, always satisfies customers by attempting to provide the required goods with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time as a priority on its agenda and an important goal in the organization’s policy Data. Even in the face of sever sanctions, CBIran has always adhered to its obligation as a matter of principle. As a result, the following motto is constantly used as a guideline while dealing with customers:

(( The delivery of goods to customers is not the end of a deal, but rather the beginning of a commitment ))

The large and various range of CBIran customers over the years of business, as well as the satisfaction of prominent and notable clients is confirmed this claim.