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Personal and Traffic Safety Equipment

Health and well-being are two of our most valuable possessions, and life would be tough and terrible without them. Unfortunately, we will only realize the entire value of this blessing once we have lost it, and the industrial environment is one of the primary sources of harm in our lives.as a result, legislative organization and institutions have developed and approved strict standards and legislation to prevent workplace risks and damages, and employers must follow them.

CB Iran company entered this industry with a clear awareness of this important issue and with the aim  to ensuring the safety of Iran’s working and industrial communities.by supplying personal and traffic safety equipment and adhering to all quality control standards and assuring product efficiency, the company attempts to play an effective role in reducing the damage of industrial environments.


Personal Safety Equipment

Hand Protection (Gloves)

Every year, over a thousand people are hurt at work, however, workers do not have a strong enough tendency to protect themselves, which causes irreversible injury.

Today, hundreds types of different industrial gloves proportionate to human activities are now available to protect hands from mechanical, chemical, thermal, and microbial threats, as well as particular uses such as welding, vibration, cold protection, and radioactive radiation.

As a result, all employees are expected to follow occupational safety and health instructions and utilize personal protective equipment in the workplace, according to Article 91 of the Labor Law.

Because of the importance of this issue, numerous standards for glove production have been developed.

For protection against mechanical hazards, scratches, and hand injuries and stroke, the gloves are designed and manufactured in line with the EN88 standard. there are also standards for chemically resistant gloves (EN374), heat-resistant gloves (EN407), and welding gloves (EN12477).

In 2007, Mahdishahr Satrap Industrial Group Company was established as one of the largest manufacturers of safety-industrial gloves in Iran. Throughout its years of experience and activity, this company has received numerous awards and honors. the company’s production capacity was extended to 12 million pairs of industrial gloves in 1400.

CB Iran Company succeeded in obtaining the license of the only direct sales agency (sales to companies and organizations) Industrial Gloves Products of Mahdishahr Satrap Industrial Group in Iran under the SIGMA and CB brands in 1400, relying on years of experience in correlation with various industries in the country and it`s organizational mission.

The products of this group include following:

  • Simple nitrile floor glove group
  • Group of floor gloves thick simple material
  • Group of grooved floor gloves
  • Group of anti-cut polyester gloves
  • Span anti-cut gloves group
  • Group of anti-cut gloves floor and back material
  • Group of anti-cut gloves with HPPE fiber

In addition, to fulfill the needs of the country’s industries, the company can supply / produce the following gloves:

  • Leather gloves
  • Simple woven or stitched gloves
  • Gloves made of polymer and semi-polymer
  • Sanitary gloves, both medical and disposable
  • Special gloves (custom-made)

SIGMA Industrial Gloves Made in: Iran

Website: www.sigmaglove.com

Industrial glove

Hearing protection (Ear Protection)

Noise pollution is one of the most serious risks in industrial work environments, and it may easily lead to hearing impairment or loss, in addition to increasing stress and lowering productivity. Hearing loss happens when sound levels exceeding 85 DB, according to international standards. As a result, it’s important to use standard ear protection in industrial environment to avoid auditory system injury.

CB Iran Company is a supplier of standard ear protection to various industries in country.

Eye protection (eye protection glasses)

In Industry there is always the possibility of injury to a sensitive organ such as the eye, and even the slightest damage is highly essential and irreversible due to the sensitivity and high importance of this organ. the choice of eye protection glasses depends on the type of the danger in workplace. if you work in an area where particles and projectiles could impact your eyes, you should wear safety protective eyewear with side shield as a minimum safety cover. It is estimated that more than 90% of workplace, eye injuries can be avoided with the use of suitable safety glasses.

Eye protection glasses are supplied by CB Iran company to the country`s industries.

Eye protection glasses against Radiation

In many industries there is a light radiation such as welding, laser light, infrared light and so on and the use of special glasses for this type of radiation is required for minimal the eye protection and safety.

It is emphasized that, in more than 90% of workplace eye injuries can be avoided with the use of suitable safety glasses. CB Iran is a supplier of goggles, shields and other eye protection for a variety requirement of industries (according to the types of dangers).


Protective Clothing (Work wear)             

In industrial work environment, wearing suitable work clothing promotes people’s safety when they are exposed to risks and reduces work injuries. the possibility to make different designs based on the customer’s desire and taste, high quality and in compliance with modern standards, and a price that properly suits the customer’s demands are just a few examples that makes CB Iran company has been successful in meeting the needs of Industrial customers due to recognizes their demands and conversant with their profession, this issue has led this company to have a brilliant records to providing this customer`s demand, despite it is basically as a trading company.

The photos in left are examples of work wear offered by this company.

Traffic Equipment and Safety devices

Traffic Equipment and Safety devices

Traffic equipment is a sign that is used in traffic management, ensuring people’s safety, and primarily to create order in the environment, which includes both indoor and outdoor locations, and thus must be of good quality in order to live a better life. Due of the need for remote detection, such devices usually feature bright colors. Building and open-space signboards, Aluminum stair edge, traffic signs, speed bumps, traffic cylinders (traffic cones), convex mirrors, various types of photo luminescent signs, traffic cones, plastic traffic road divider, and so forth. They are classified as a types of traffic equipment and safety devices.

CB Iran is a supplier of traffic equipment and safety devices based on customer`s demands.