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  5. Official Representative of Karcher Products in Iran

Official Representative of Karcher Products in Iran


Karcher Germany is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment. Customer service for the company’s products is provided by over 36,000 agencies in 160 countries. Karsher began as a family-owned enterprise. The company has become a world leader in cleaning equipment due to its strategic emphasis on innovation, quality, and efficiency.

In addition to being extremely suitable with the needs and capabilities of its users, this company’s products are also very affordable, however each of the designs used in them reflects a profound philosophical understanding. As a result of these factors, the company has received dozens of awards for design, originality, quality, invention, and… From recognized associations and institutions, this claim is verified by the receipt of over 1300 patents and product efficiency models.


Karsher’s motto is “constant attempt to find the best cleaning solution.”

As a result, in order to better respond to the demand of clients, it maintains a two-way interaction with them in order to offer the best solution by getting feedback.

 Karcher products: Made in Germany