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Supply of Special Industrial Parts

Iran’s industrialization dates back more than seventy years and began before most other countries in the region. The majority of industries in Iran were founded by big and well-known European and American corporations. Unfortunately, sanctions have curtailed primary industries’ direct relationships with overseas suppliers. As a result, in most cases, they either supply the industrial goods they require at exorbitant prices, or they substitute low-quality and counterfeit items for the genuine goods accidentally. It is obvious that each of these approaches will cause significant, or even irreversible damage.

Understanding the country’s specific conditions and in accordance with its organizational mission, CB Iran Company has used all of its specialized and communication capabilities with the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment in order to alleviate some of the country’s craftspeople and manufacturers’ concerns. Fortunately, it has achieved significant progress in this regard. Wichita special clutches from the United States, Flender-Siemens special couplings from Germany, special ZKL bearings from Czech Republic, and Belzona metal epoxy are instances of this success.

It is worth noting that the CB Iran company, realizing the sensitivity of the supply of specific industrial parts, does this task in a unique and accurate manner at all stages and adhering to pre-formulated and approved instructions and processes. Paying close attention to the originality and quality of the products, and supplying them directly with the fewest possible intermediaries, Purchase at the most competitive price with complete certainty of standard packaging and shipping conditions, Appropriate time of delivery and complete conformity with customer features and requirements are the basic principles in the supply of these goods.

Provision of specialized industrial parts

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