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Pneumatic Components


CB Iran Company obtained formal representation of SMC Company in the field of pneumatic products in 2016 after completing its product portfolio and responding to industry needs as much as feasible.

SMC, a Japanese firm, is regarded as one of the world’s most reputable manufacture of pneumatic (Pneumatic) parts and industrial automation. With over 60 years of expertise and over 700,000 items produced, this company is one of the oldest and largest in the pneumatic. With the advancement of technology, the company currently offers solutions based on the fourth generation of Industry 4.0.

CB Iran provides specialist pre-sales and related after-sales technical services in addition to supplying pneumatic equipment.



Pneumatic is a word that literally means “wind or air,” and it is called more pneumatic in Persian. The phrase is used in industry to describe device and machinery that works with wind (air) power. Because these machines are frequently used in industrial automation and production lines, It is important and sensitive to ensure their optimal operation. Compressed air transmission and direction, power control and regular monitoring are just a few of the issues that necessitate the use of instructions and experienced specialist, as well as standard and high-quality tools and parts.

Today, the integration of this technique and electronic equipment has caused a significant changes in several industrial production lines, including the automobile, pharmaceutical, and food industries, as well as the packaging industry.

Long service life, operating accuracy, and usability in a variety of situations are all important factors when choosing pneumatic equipment.


Types of pneumatic components

Pneumatic components include a wide range of products. from mass-produced and widely distributed parts to custom designed and manufactured parts for a specific purpose.

Some of the most well-known types are as follows:

  • Control valves
  • Pneumatic grippers
  • Auto switch
  • Shock Absorber
  • Vaccum equipment
  • Equipment for preparing compressed air
  • Dryer
  • Filter
  • Pneumatic regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Air care compressor unit
  • Chillers
  • Pneumatic Fittings
  • Pneumatic hoses
  • Process pumps

Component air preparation Systems and Equipment

Filter –Regulator AC-B series lubricants of SMC brand have been developed as a double-layered and clear bowl with the goal of improving the visibility level and increasing the working life.

The AC-B series compressed air preparation modules can be combined with other parts of same body size, such as soft-start and mist separator. This filter-regulator lubricants are produced in body sizes ranging from 10 to 40 and pipe size from 1.8 to 1 inch, the standard filtration size in this equipment is 5 microns. The compressor air equipment can be normally closed, with auto-drain function, square or circular pressure gauge, and installation panels, making it ideal for automotive industry, installations, and machinery manufactures, as well as all other industries that use compressed air.