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Jobs at CBIran

We invite you to join us to create value for the country’s industries and manufacturers. Your professional competencies will grow in a dynamic and intimate place.

We are always looking for talented professionals and quick learners If you are interested in joining us, please submit a copy of your resume, cover letter, and any relevant information to company@cbiran.com. We look forward to co-creating our future, together!

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Value creation to all stakeholder is our profession

Work- life boundaries!

Is work a necessity for life, or vice versa? So, what exactly does “work-life balance” imply? Should work and life be kept separate fundamentally?

According to research, work is a vital component of everyone’s life (75 percent of our useful life time). Can we afford to overlook our most valuable possession, our life?

In our belief, it’s not enough to make money by doing a job but it should create value and growth for us.

In other words, the workplace should allow coworkers to coming up with new ideas, gaining new experiences, learning, and applying what they have learned. This means professional development for the colleague, Organizational advancement, and, as a result, excellence and satisfaction for both parties.

In this approach, the combination of work and life leads to the colleague’s growth and enjoyment.

CBIran intimate, dynamic, and value-creating workplace is the result of more than two decades of professional activity and careful attention to colleagues’ working lives.

Our principles and work culture, as well as the consensus of each of our employees, have all contributed to the creation of this attention.

Our organizational culture unites all of us, regardless of job title or expertise, it improves our ability to move forward.

We have made our work life fertile, active, and lively based on values so that we may provide ourselves and our organization with sustainability, advancement, and quality.

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CBIran Healthy Workplace

CBIran provides professional life for employees, not merely a place to work and earn money. So the physical and mental wellness of our employees are the primary concerns. Paying attention to this issue begins with the comfort and convenience of coworkers. The use of supplementary health insurance, life and accident insurance, and employer’s liability insurance all serve the same purpose; to offer colleagues and their families with some physical health and peace of mind. With transparency, collaborations and delegations in Cbiran, everyone works effectively and committedly so rumors have no place in our company.


Entertainment Group Programs

Entertainment group programs are facilities that have been provided. The comfort of colleague`s families not be ignored. Accommodation in Narjestan Hotel has been offered for this reason so that people can get away from Tehran industrial metropolis for a week and travel and have fun on the lovely Caspian Sea shores.

The Story of 10 Years

We gathered our colleagues after ten years of work experience to thank them for their efforts, tenacity, performance, and presence. At this event, we review the colorful and memorable days of their working life calendar in an intimacy and friendly place, and we regard their happiness to be our own. Every effort is recognized and appreciated in our organization.



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