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Official Representative and Organizational Sales of SIGMA Products in Iran

About  SIGMA   

In the town of Mahdishahr, Semnan, Satrap Industrial Group of Mahdishahr, was founded in 2007 with the SIGMA industrial glove brand (SIGMA glove) as designing and manufacturing various types of industrial gloves. With years of experience, research, and thorough client demands research, the company has designed and enhanced SIGMA glove production techniques. SIGMA glove in various types of simple palm, wrinkle palm anti-cut and foam coated are major products which are designed and manufactured in accordance with (EN388) standard for protection against mechanical hazards, Scratches, bruises, hand fatigue and physical injuries.

In the second step of company`s development, SIGMA glove seeks to develop exports by designing and manufacturing new products along with patents to enhance hand protection technology to fulfil customer request in welding industry by level 5 cutting gloves, electrical and chemical industries and biodegradable gloves.

As the primary element of persistent, National production by world- class quality is regarded as a goal and is pursued by SIGMA glove Company. SIGMA Company organizational values include a commitment to advancing collective interests of human society and appreciate it by applying creativity in the production process, as well as use of new technologies and it`s evolution to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.

Satrap Industrial Group of Mahdishahr (SIGMA GLOVE) Awards and Honors

In 2017, selected as the best entrepreneur in Semnan province`s second entrepreneur Festival.

In 2018, during the festival of technologists and researchers in Semnan province, obtain the title of premier technology of the province.

In 2018, acquiring the best entrepreneur, based on the employment- creating plans of Barakat foundation, which is associated with Imam Khomeini`s Executive Headquarters.

Why SIGMA Safety and Industrial Gloves?

  1. Since 2009, this product group has had extensive manufacturing expertise.
  2. Design and manufacture of high quality products at reasonable prices.
  3. True management and employee commitment to customer orientation and continual development.
  4. The country`s first manufacturer of coated gloves (semi-immersion).
  5. Textile engineering, polymer engineering, electrical quality management, automation, and mechanics all have experienced and trained engineering professionals.
  6. The first company with approval of the Ministry of Labor’s Research and Training Center for Technical Protection and Occupational Health, which is extended annually for all products.
  7. The first specialized laboratory of a standard partner in the field of industrial and safety gloves, based on the ISIRI 15534 (EN420) and (EN388) standards, was established.
  8. The first company to establish a national standard for this products category (ISIRI standard 15534) in accordance with (EN420) and is developing on other relevant standards.
  9. To achieve high quality and reliable products, all operations must be carried out in accordance with quality management (ISO 9001: 2015) and CE certification, as well as strict adherence to all production and control instructions.




CB Iran Company, as the exclusive official direct sales representative of Satrap Industrial Group of Mahdishahr`s, is in charge of distributing all of the company’s products under the SIGMA brand to industrial and organizational customers across the country.