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Official Representative of SMC Products in Iran

About SMC

SMC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic systems, and it has always attempted to adapt to the goals and perspectives of its clients as best as possible. The key is to “listen well” to their customer`s opinions, requests and demands. The three basis of SMC`s focus are specialized development, products and supply them, and the worldwide communication network in sales. The company’s engineering department, which has over 1500 experts located in 5 center, Japan, the United States, Europe (UK and Germany), and China, provides the highest support in answering customer questions and meeting technical and specialized needs.

Other characteristics of this organization are its speed of production on manufacturing high-quality products at a reasonable price, product warranty, excellent technical capability and efficiency, and unique designs.

SMC in CB Iran

CB Iran`s reputation and reliability in various industries was due to obtain the official representation of SMC in 2016. This product, along with other power transmission products and industrial equipment, allowed CB Iran to expand to fulfill the demands of industry, and it was another step toward the company`s mission.

Having technical capabilities and experienced experts caused to supplying the products required by customers initially, as well as the company’s obligation include training, technical advice, design, solution, troubleshooting, and support services for this product.