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Official Representative of Bosch Products in Iran


Bosch the German company was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart as a workshop for mechanical and electrical engineering exact tools by Robert Bosch. This corporation is today considered as one of the Germany’s largest, with more than 130 years of expertise and development in many fields. Statistics clearly demonstrate the company’s growth and success.

More than 78 billion euros in revenue, 41,000 employee, and 460 branches in 60 countries.

The chart below depicts the revenue share of various departments of the company.

Bosch service

 BOSCH in CB Iran

The Bosch brand was added to CB Iran product portfolio , after Abzarsara company, the exclusive representative of Bosch tools in Iran , decided to expand the supply of Bosch production line tools IW through it`s business partner, CB Iran.

CB Iran Company, by extensive relations with industry and experience in identifying and offering specialized services, has now been acknowledged as one of Iran’s major suppliers of this product`s group.