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Constructional Fixings

Fischer constructional fixings

As the exclusive representative of Bosch Tools and Accessories in Iran, Abzarsara Company decided to expand its services and product portfolio. Construction fixings were selected as a suitable and complementary choice,due to the sensitivity and importance of the constructional fixings product group. Only reputable brands and companies were identified, reviewed, and selected from the beginning. Finally, in 2006, after extensive negotiations and agreements, Fischer Fasteners from Germany were chosen and extended to the company’s product basket.

FISCHER  is a German company which is one of the oldest, most reputable, and creative in the field of construction fixings, in addition to world leadership market distributing, manufacturing the highest quality and most diverse constructional fixings over 75 years.

The responsibility for providing engineering products and services required by the construction industry, particularly constructional fixings, was transferred to CB Iran Company in 2009 as one of Abzarsara’s business partner with over two decades of experience in distributing industrial products and services.

Introduction of Constructional fixings

In general, any connecting elements between two parts of a building is selected based on its substrate and attachments.

Fasteners are one of the most important and sensitive components, with precise calculations directly related to the human life.

They are divided into two categories: connecting to the steel (screws or welding) and connecting to other substrate (concrete, brick, and etc.), which are both developing in the various cases today.

As far as diversity and developing fasteners are concerned, there are many companies are manufacturing these products all around the world.

Probably, in non-steel substrate, we could divided them to the lightest fastening, which usually fix with the plastic plugs, and the heaviest ones, fasten with the metal anchors or chemical fixing with Rods or Rebar.

Anchor bolts
Types of Fischer Constructional Fixings

Types of Constructional Fixings

In terms of anchor material and type of fixings, these products are divided into three categories, which include steel, chemical, and plastic anchors for various type of substrates. Each product has the essential approvals and standards to ensure product quality and function.

Plastic anchors

Plastic Anchors

These anchors are commonly used for Light fixings in various substrates. They are also known as plugs in the market. These products are provided with Polyamide structure (nylon) However, too many similar products in the market are made with polyethylene base, which makes our products more reliable and with more useful life. Furthermore, these products are certified and tested many times to ensure their quality.

Steel Anchors

Based on substrate conditions, these anchors are chosen for heavier structural and nonstructural installations. These products are diversified with precise design and different grade of steels and strengths and they have the highest load capacity in comparison to their competitors

The benefits of these products include the most various authoritative international approvals and highest loads, even in seismic areas such as Iran, which are unrivaled in many items.

Constructional fixings-Steel Anchors
Constructional fixings-chemical anchors

Chemical Anchors

These anchors are used to implementing rods and rebar in concrete, as well as various types of fixings in various substrates, such as different type of bricks, lightweight concrete, or aerated concrete.


The advantages we could strongly express are, supporting various range of substrates, extensive curing time, as well as the heaviest loads bearing, such as dynamic, static and seismic loads.

Accessories and complementary products

Accessories and complementary products of Constructional fixings include a wide range of installation tools, such as bits, drills, and related accessories like various size of brushes, blowers for pre-installation cleaning, anchor installation tools, and pull out tester.

Constructional fixings-chemical anchors
Safety equipment
Bosch power tools

Services and support

Among the major projects in Iran where Fischer products have been used in various applications are the following:

  • Milad Tower
  • Tehran-shomal freeway
  • Iran shopping Mall( Iran Mall)
  • Mashhad shopping Mall ( Mashhad Mall)
  • Mega Pars Shopping Center
  • Eco Mall
  • The Parliament of Iran project
  • Imam Mohammad Bagher University
  • Atieh 2 Hospital

And many other well-known projects

Fischer constructional fixings

سی بی ران is prepared to provide the best services in order to establish the highest quality, safest fixing, and the most cost efficient recommendation to the country’s construction industry.

These services include consulting, calculation and designing, using the powerful FIXPERIENCE software to find the best solutions of fixing installations throughout your project.

In addition to the assurance of quality and reputation of the brand, testing the product offered on the customer’s jobsite by trained engineers and specialists can make you feel comfortable to buying and installing these products.


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