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Power Transmission Components

The transfer of power and strength is actually, the transfer of energy from its source to a destination where it can be put to use. There are various forms of power transmission equipment that transport energy from one location to another, and the essential feature of these parts is their high and sufficient strength against the constant pressures of moving components. In a better and more comprehensive definition of power transmission, there are also Torque Limiters, Pneumatic Clutches, Elastic and Rigid Couplings, Spacer Couplings, Stop Rings and variable Speed Pulleys and Motor Slide Bases which allows various sorts of movement and energy to be led and moved from one location to another.


ComInTec Italian Company has succeeded in establishing a variety of products that is admired all over the world with 45 years of experience, continual technological research, a youthful and dynamic team. The knowledge and experience of this company has caused the products always have a combination of Italian quality in transmission equipment design, in addition willing to create customized solutions to meet diverse customer`s individual demands around the world, it has been satisfactorily  resolved.


CBIran Company is the official representative of Comintec, an Italian Power Transmission Components in Iran.

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