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Official and Exclusive Representative of MTK+ Products in Iran

The EMS International Group established MTK + as a bearing manufacturer in Brussels, Belgium, in 2005.Despite the fact that MTK + is a new company in its industry, However, EMS has been able to quickly increase the scope of its product production by relying on its more than 30 years of engineering knowledge, as well as its production capacity, quality control, and distribution. One of the company’s achievements is the variety of bearings, roller bearings, and bearings with general and particular applications ranging from 2 mm to 8 meters in diameter.

MTK + presently exports to 84 countries on all continents, with plants in several nations and offices in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Steel, cement, oil and gas, metal and mineral industries, marine, agricultural, food, home appliances, machinery, packaging, textiles, pumps and compressors, and other industries use the company’s products.

Why MTK?

CB Iran Company’s more than two decades of successful distribution of industrial goods, particularly power transmission parts such as bearings, roller bearings, ball bearings, gearboxes, bearing housings and so on, supports the product’s consistent and regular distribution across the country.

Customer orders can be delivered in a shorter time, due to MTK+ facilities and production capacity, as well as the ability of land transportation of goods from country of origin.

With over 70,000 distinct bearing, ball bearing, roller bearings, and, bearing housings this company has a wide product range.

The capacity of CB Iran Company’s sales engineering, along with MTK + Company’s excellent design engineering, has led to success in satisfying the various needs of customers in Iran.

For customers, MTK+ brand, offers the best quality compared to price in bearing production.

The collaboration of two reputable suppliers, CB Iran as an industrial distributor in Iran and MTK + as a reputable manufacturer in Europe, has resulted in significant flexibility in responding to customers in the country’s various industries.

Having different phases and quality control standards, as well as CB Iran company`s final control before delivering the goods to the customers, provides the highest coefficient assurance to the consumers to supply industrial products.

Proper packaging of goods by MTK+ Company, as well as transportation of goods throughout the country to the customer’s warehouse door by CB Iran Company, will both decrease shipping costs and ensure the receipt of goods completely in intact and secure manner.

The goods that reach to our esteemed customers are supported by the MTK+ company`s more than thirty years of experience, as well as the CB Iran company’s more than twenty years of service to various industries in Iran.

MTK+ products are currently accessible in over 80 countries, It demonstrates the acceptability of the company’s products in comparison to much older competitors.

Raremax Super N multipurpose grease is a Japanese product of Kyodo Yushi firm, which is suitable for sealed bearings. The heat resistance is the outstanding features of this grease. This product has a temperature range of -40 C° to 200 C°.another benefit of this lubricant is that it reduces noise and prevents rust and corrosion the bearing.

In order to provide higher quality products, MTK bearings uses this grease as a standard in many of its bearings.


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