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Design and Production of Special Equipment

In general, the design and manufacture of industrial products and equipment to a particular industry, including the review and feasibility stages, provide appropriate or alternative solutions, construction, initial delivery, application, testing, modification, and final delivery. CB Iran has a brilliant history and an active presence in the country’s business which dating back more than twenty years, it has led to identification a wide range of requirements and expectations among Iranian craftsman and manufactures. One of the most important requirements is the ability to rely on a trustworthy partner to manufacture parts or industrial equipment exclusively.

CB Iran started these services after recognizing the importance of this issue and establishing long-term connections with the world’s largest industrial manufactures. The essential equipment based on customer needs is designed, manufactured, and supplied in specified and precise processes.

These services are currently available in two segments:

  • Silicone and adhesives, as well as safety gloves and work clothes, are examples of equipment and consumer products.
  • Bearings and couplings are examples of rotating equipment.

CB Iran Company, based on its extensive knowledge in this industry, now has to do this with excellent quality as a priority.

Design and manufacture of specialized equipment

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