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Cleaning Equipment

Keeping work and production areas clean has become an industry necessity nowadays. In various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and medical equipment, workplace hygiene and cleanliness are required. however, this is also important in other industries. Maintaining cleanliness and reducing pollutants in the workplace will ultimately lead to employee health and satisfaction, equipment and production line durability, increased productivity, improve the final quality of products and finally enhance the brand positioning and prestige of organization.

Industrial washing machines consist of scrubbers, industrial floor cleaners, waterjets, steam cleaners, sweepers and vacuum cleaners. Each one has its own set of applications and unique features. Their selection is based on the application, quality, and efficiency of product. not only the proper equipment will totally remove pollution, but also with proper performance and efficiency will help in cost reduction and increase washing speed.

Karcher Scrubber 

Washing the ground is especially important in business environment where there are a lot of commuting. Manual surface washing results in considerable water consumption in addition to along working period. The issue becomes more complicated when washing must be dine constantly and during times when commuting is unavoidable. This is extremely harmful since it causes both the spread of pollutant and moisture.

The use of specialized devices such as Karcher scrubber is recommended to achieve optimal efficiency and minimum risk. Karcher scrubber is a specialized and mechanical equipment for simultaneously washing and drying the surface. These machines (Karcher scrubber) save water, detergents and time most significantly quickly was and dry surfaces while collecting water and pollutants from the ground. Ultimately, this issue prevents the spread of contaminants and limit hazards such as slippery surface.

Karcher Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping public environment and salons clean is one of the problem they face. This necessitates the use of strong vaccum cleaner. Which has the potential to collect a variety of contaminants and long term operation. Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to clean environment with a mechanism that is similar to vacuum cleaners, but with distinct power and functionality. Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners are capable of performing a wide range of cleaning chores. Among their features, the following can be mentioned:

  • Higher suction power with filtered air outlet
  • More capacity in larger tank
  • Rust- resistant and sturdy body made primarily of steel
  • Ability to gather water and liquid pollutants from surface at the same time

Vacuum cleaners for industrial use come in a variety of styles and applications. Examining expectations and applications is required while choosing the proper machines. CB Iran qualified professionals will provide the essential guidance and advice in this regard.

Karcher Sweeper

One of the most essential and costly challenges is the cleaning of urban areas. Collectingdifferent urban pollutant, moving on jagged surfaces and cleaning big areas are only a few examples. To meet these challenge, machines and equipment with high flexibility and power are required. Karcher sweepers are produced in the same way and have the same features.

Karcher sweeper collect all types of small and large urban contaminants with their enormous tanks and powerful suckers. the speed and quality of the cleaning process in cities improved by the power of these machines. These equipment ( Karcher sweeper) are chosen /designed and used in accordance with the conditions.

Karcher Pressure Washer

These machines work by raising water pressure during spraying to remove dirt or peel off surfaces. This machine (Karcher pressure washer) uses high water pressure to remove contaminants from surfaces and clean them. The car washes that are used for car washing are the most basic of these equipment.

Karcher pressure washers are designed for a variety of domestic and industrial uses. Industrial models are designed for long-term operation and durability. these machines turn cold water inlet into hot water and spray it on surfaces with various pressures. Washing equipment should be chosen based on the user and demands. the wrong decision can harm and destroy the surfaces to be washed. CB Iran`s qualified and specialized experts are ready to offer any advice to help customers to choose the most suitable products for their requirement.

Karcher products: Made in Germany

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