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Official Representative of Wings abrasive (Eagle) in Iran

Wings Grinding Discs

The type of grinding disc used to achieve finally unmixed and similar surface after abrasion is determined by peeling and polishing the surfaces according to the surface material. Wings-Eagle standard grinding disc, including high quality grinding disc available on the market, are manufactured in variety of thickness and diameters ranging from 115 to 230 mm.

Based on surface material, Wings grinding discs are divided into 4 main categories:

Grinding disc for Metal, Grinding disc for Inox, Grinding disc for Cast Iron, Grinding discs for Aluminum. According to the targeted location, each type changes in term of granulation and raw materials. Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide are the primary materials used in these discs.

Wings Cutting Discs

Wings cutting discs with the (Wings-Eagle) trademark come in a wide range of sizes and shapes for various applications and cutting level. Wings-Eagle cutting discs are manufactured in variety sizes, thickness and materials. Wings –Eagle brand cutting discs diameter ranges from 115 mm for small machines (mini) to 230 mm for big milling machines, with a thickness of 0.8 mm in THINLINE series to thickness of 4 mm in big sizes.

Metal cutting disc, marble and natural rock cutting disc, stainless steel (Inox) cutting disc, Aluminium cutting disc, Profile cutting discs, and many other are among the products offered according to operation by Wings-Eagle brand cutting disc.

Wings Sanding Products

Wings sanding products is applied in the same way as abrasive discs in the abrasion of various surface, with the exception that they have a greater range in machines and surface usage.

Sanding products are classified according to grain size, size, and material, and the grain size range of Wings-Eagle sanding products is 24 to 220. Silicon carbide and aluminum oxide are two major components of Wings sanding products. They are commonly used in this category of products due to their great hardness and strength.

Wings abrasive Company manufactures a variety of sanding products including: grinding discs, diamond sharpening discs, sharpening stones, various types of abrasive rolls, various types of flap discs, and many other types of sanding discs.

CB Iran international Trading company is the official representative of Wings-Eagle organizational sales (sales to industries) in Iran.