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Production Line Tools

With the goal of better understanding industry needs and improving customer service, Abzarsara Company transferred responsibility for sales and technical services related to Bosch production line tools in Germany to its business partner, CB Iran Company, in 2009.

CB Iran has now established itself as one of the country’s largest suppliers of production line tools by completing this group of products from world-renowned brands such as Rodcraft of Germany and Yokota of Japan.

CB Iran company production line tools offered by  a warranty and after-sales service from AbzarSara Company.

Furthermore, CB Iran provides the following services to customers in accordance with its organizational mission, with the goal of satisfying customers and supporting manufacturers by reducing maintenance costs and optimizing the use of industrial equipment:

  • Specialized training courses are being held.
  • Advice on purchasing and selecting a product
  • Conclusion of special contracts for after-sales service and repair at the customer’s location
  • Design and implementation of unique and advanced solutions based on cutting-edge technologies like Bluetooth
Bosch Production Line Tools

Production Line Tools:

Humans have been able to do things faster, cheaper, and more accurately by inventing tools. The more advanced man becomes, the less energy and speed he expends in his activities.

Meanwhile, special consideration has always been given to the tools of production lines. Because they are designed to handle more delicate and stressful tasks. The main distinction between this group of products and their counterparts (for home and semi-professional use) is their durability, efficiency, maintenance, and performance stability.

Bosch production line tools are precision-engineered to work in three continuous shifts (Cm.K).

Various production line tools

Based on the type of industry and application, production line tools are classified into three major categories:

Bosch Production Line Tools

Air tools

These tools provide the necessary torque to perform various tasks by converting wind energy (compressed air) into mechanical energy.included:

  • Pneumatic tools ( shit-off)
  • Non shut-Off wind instruments

For production lines tools and Service workshops, pneumatic tools are manufactured according to their function. Screwdrivers, simple and hammer drills, T-Grip Impulse wrench, Random orbit palm sand

, and straight and angular grinder are all examples of these instruments.


Exact tools

These tools use special batteries to tighten bolts with a high degree of flexibility. There are three types:


They are produced into two types: Screwdrivers and T-Grip Impulse wrench.

Bosch cordless tools
Bosch cordless tools
Bosch cordless tools

High-Frequency tools

While many industrial equipment and production lines are designed and implemented using an automation approach. However, industries continue to require tools with high maneuverability and flexibility for specific industrial applications.

High-frequency tools use three-phase power to reduce operating voltage while increasing frequency, allowing for long-term use without the need for maintenance. Ergonomic design and ease of use allow the user to use without performance loss or fluctuation in the long run. These characteristics have made these tools extremely popular in the foundry industry.

High frequency tools are manufactured in two types: straight grinders and angle grinders.

Bosch High-Frequency tools
Bosch High-Frequency tools
Bosch High-Frequency tools

Accessories and complementary products

When quality and appropriate accessories are used, the true efficiency of production line tools will be revealed. Using the incorrect accessories reduces not only the tool’s power but also its durability and life.

By considering this matter, Bosch brand has designed high-quality drills, saw blades, stone plates, cutting plates, and screwdrivers that can be used in all power tools, including cordless and high-frequency tools.

Bosch accessories and parts
Bosch accessories and parts
Bosch accessories and parts
Bosch accessories and parts
Bosch accessories and parts
In addition, there are accessories for production line tools such as angle nut runner, balance,Collet, and converter.
Production Line tools
Production Line tools
Production Line tools