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B2B Sales Organization

B2B Sales Organization at CBIran

The essential element to communicate with organizational customers is a proper assessment of demand and accurate comprehension of trade condition of this group. Since 2009, CBIran Company has had a brilliant history of supplying a wide range of industrial goods to industry and organizational customers, in order to provide a better and more specialized response to their demands, this company established a dedicated department within the organization (B2B organizational sales). In this department, in addition to providing specialized consultancy by telephone or in person, after-sales service to our honorable customers entirely official and contracts are done according to Organizational rules. This increases companies’ confidence in the conditions of supplying the essential goods and getting them out of communication troubles with the traditional market.

CBIran Company, aims to provide complete customer satisfaction as well as to serve them by improving their technical knowledge, has over ten years of experience in holding training seminars in a variety of business segments, including SKF bearings and production line tools.

b2b sales at cbiran

CBIran International Trading Supply Chains

CBIran B2B Organization Sales department offers specialized consultation on the following topics:

  • Technical advice in troubleshooting and identifying genuine and counterfeit goods
  • Business consultation to determine the most effective technique of supplying goods
  • Consulting on the global supply of goods (SOURCING) and their import into the country from all over the world


It should be emphasized that all colleagues in this department have relevant technical education, as well as specialties and unique experiences, all of which have been chosen to offer the best possible services to industrial and organizational customers.